Give a Little to Help Advocate for the Children of Arkansas

Children are now stuck at home in disparaging relationships with parents or guardians and they are suffering the consequences. All the social distancing and financial pressures could potentially be putting children at a greater risk of abuse during this time. Everyone is home and the people that are mandated by law to report signs of abuse aren’t able to sound the alarm. With social isolation, there’s less chance of identifying if there’s an issue with a child. 

That is why we have chosen to support Children Advocacy Centers of Arkansas as our next campaign as #AgentsofChange. They provide programs to meet the needs of the children in our state so that every child has access to the services.  There is a collaboration between medical, mental, child protective services, and law enforcement in an effort to serve the best interests of young victims.

Empowering children to lead a life of prosperity after everything they’ve been through is so important, which makes this organization beyond worthy of our combined support. That is why we are asking YOU to help. When you refer a friend to our agency for a no-obligation quote we pledge to donate $10 on your behalf. So, how many lives will we change today?